Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Supporting family caregivers at work

At the broadest level, there is a need for attitudinal change in the way that society views caregiving: there needs to be greater appreciation, admiration and respect for caregiving and for those who engage in it. As well, organizations must examine their corporate culture and attitudes in relation to work/life balance.

Research studies indicate that employed family caregivers find the following strategies supportive:

  • caregiving resource libraries, brown bag lunch information sessions, caregiver networking.
  • information on caregiving issues such as health care and community resources.

Coming to work and speaking with my colleagues does help.

  • understanding, compassion and sensitivity from employers.
  • workplace flexibility - flextime, compressed work hours.
  • leave of absences (self-funded, paid or unpaid).
  • more information and better communication regarding their company’s policies, programs and benefits.

As well, sensitivity training for managers and supervisors has also been identified as a key strategy that would promote caregivers’ sense of being supported on the job.