Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Complaints about elder abuse

Abuse of vulnerable adults is a concern, as is the inability of some to adequately care for themselves. The Public Guardian and Trustee’s office, in recognition of the need to protect vulnerable adults, responds to situations involving the abuse, neglect and/or self-neglect of adults. The office aims to strike a balance between protecting the rights of vulnerable adults to live autonomously and make their own choices and the need to protect them from being taken advantage of or from their own inability to properly care for themselves.

The Public Guardian and Trustee has designated agencies to respond to situations of adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect.

On Vancouver Island, the designated agency is the Vancouver Island Health Authority. Calls are handled through the General Inquiries Line 388-CARE (2273) or toll free 1-888-533-2273.

How a designated agency looks into elder abuse

Designated agencies:

  • look into the situation.
  • involve the adult as much as possible.
  •  report any criminal offence to the police.

Designated agencies may also:

  • deal with emergencies
  • involve supportive family and friends.
  • offer any assistance that may be needed.
  • inquire further if an adult appears to be abused, neglected or self-neglected, refuses assistance and appears to be mentally incapable of deciding not to accept assistance.

All calls to a designated agency are confidential. No information will be released that would identify the person making the report. For the designated agency in your area, call the Public Guardian and Trustee’s office located nearest you.