Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Vancouver Island Health Authority complaints process

The Vancouver Island Health Authority has a complaints process in place to deal with concerns that you may have about the care that you or someone you are responsible for received. It also has an appeal process regarding home support decisions.

Complaints process

If you have a concern about a service provided by someone in the health authority, speak to the person providing the service and/or the manager of the area.

If your concern remains unresolved, you can contact the Client Relations Office (CRO) at 250-370-8323. The CRO will take the following steps:

  • Formally register your concern
  • Work with you to develop a mutually agreeable resolution
  • Coordinate a thorough examination of the issues
  • Contact you with the results and confirm that your concerns are re- solved
  • Track and trend your feedback and use the information to improve the quality of service provided to you

Community Appeal Process

The Community Appeal Process gives clients who have concerns about their home support service the opportunity for a review. There is no formal appeal process in place for those who have requested home support and been turned down.  If you have a concern about home support service - either for yourself or a family member - the following steps are available:

Step 1  Talk to the person/agency providing the service about your concern.

     If no resolution…

Step 2  Request (by phone or in writing) a review by your Case Manager.

     If no resolution…

Step 3  Request a second review which will be undertaken by another Case Manager (from another region), using a standardized assessment tool. (Note: Steps 1-3 should take approximately 10 working days.)

     If no resolution…

Step 4  Request a meeting to discuss the appeal with the Regional Director, Community Health.

     If no resolution…

Step 5  Request a further review with the Program Vice President. This will involve setting up a review panel in consultation with the person receiving care. (This process could take several weeks.)

If no resolution is possible at this stage, the matter will be directed to the CEO for reporting to the Board of Directors.

You also may choose to pursue other avenues of review such as the Office of the Provincial Ombudsman.

If you have decided to go through the appeal process, on behalf of yourself or a care recipient, you may wish to be accompanied by an advocate.