Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Volunteer organizations and visiting programs

What they are and what they do In the Capital Region, a number of community-based organizations provide community volunteers for friendly visiting and/or phone calls to chat and check-up on health. The activities undertaken by home visitors vary by the organization providing the service and may include:

  • being a walking companion
  • assisting with gardening, odd jobs, minor home repairs and light yard work
  • reading and letter-writing
  • being available for driving and shopping assistance, accompanying on medical appointments
  • providing support with legal and financial information and income tax

The Seniors’ Services Directory provides a listing of the organizations that provide these visiting programs. As well, the Family Caregivers’ Network maintains a rack of agencies’ brochures and a list of volunteer organizations that describes, for each agency, the particular services and activities that volunteers provide.

If you are outside of the BC Capital Region and interested in community organizations that offer visiting programs, check out your local yellow pages under Senior Citizens’ Services and Centers or Volunteer Services for listings.