Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Meal programs and grocery delivery services

Dining out meal programs

Dining out meals are meals prepared and served in the community for older people and others needing assistance. In the Capital Region, there are a number of community/senior centers and residential facilities that offer drop-in meals. For the most part these offer lunches; however, several offer breakfast or supper as well. Programs vary considerably in terms of times, days and costs of the meals. Thus, it is strongly recommended that diners call the program to make reservations.  In the Capital Region, a list of places currently offering drop-in meals is provided in the Seniors’ Services Directory under Meals and Nutrition.  As well, your regional health authority (Community Health Programs) likely can provide you with a listing of drop-in meal programs.

Dining-in meal preparation and delivery

Dining-in meal options include Meals on Wheels, which provides lunches to shut-ins, and catering companies that provide deliveries to people in need. Catering companies may offer meals to seniors or people with disabilities at reduced rates and/or may cater to special diets (e.g., low fat; low salt).

In the BC Capital Region, the Seniors’ Services Directory provides a listing of and contact information for dining-in meal programs. In other regions, check out the local White Pages for Meals on Wheels and/or the Yellow Pages under Catering.

Respite dinner programs

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is an evening of food and social activity for seniors and caregivers. In the Capital Region, three Silver Threads locations offer this program. Transportation can be arranged. The cost for this program is $11.00.  To find out the times and locations of the Silver Threads closest to you, look under Silver Threads in your White Pages Directory.

Grocery delivery services

Volunteer-based services exist to assist seniors and those needing assistance with grocery shopping. People can place grocery orders by phone or on-line, and the grocery service selects the items and makes a home delivery; alternatively, people may elect to use only the delivery component of the service.  The delivery service often is free for grocery orders above a particular minimum (e.g., $25.00).

In the BC Capital Region, the Seniors’ Services Directory provides a listing of and contact information for grocery delivery services. As well, your regional health authority (Community Health Programs) may maintain and be able to provide you with a listing of grocery delivery services.