Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
In-home support services

In-home support services include services whereby someone comes to the home and performs or assists with some sort of day-to-day living task, such as house cleaning or laundry (i.e., picking up laundry and washing/folding it off-site, and then delivering it back to the home). In- home hairdressing services are also included in this section.

Laundry services

In many communities, there are companies that will pick up laundry at your home, wash, dry, fold, and deliver it back to home. These services vary in terms of the costs.  In the BC Capital Region, the Seniors’ Services Directory provides a listing of and contact information for laundry services. As well, your regional health authority (Community Health Programs) may maintain and be able to provide you with a listing of laundry services.

House cleaning services for seniors

House cleaning services may be an extremely useful resource for family caregivers, seniors and others requiring assistance. Often, house cleaning companies will provide additional services, including doing laundry, moving furniture, taking out garbage and doing garden work.  The rates of these companies vary significantly, as does whether the service provides a discount to seniors or people with disabilities.  Because cleaning companies vary, you may find it helpful to ask some questions about the company when calling to arrange for the service.

In its listing of house cleaning services for seniors, the Capital Regional health authority includes the following questions to ask when calling to arrange for cleaning services:

  • Are your staff bonded and insured?
  • Can I keep a regularly scheduled time for the cleaning to be done?
  • Who is responsible for providing the cleaning supplies?
  • Will I have the same person coming to clean my home every time?
  • Do you have a separate charge for the initial cleaning?

If you are looking for house cleaning services, your regional health authority (Community Health Programs) may maintain and be able to provide you with a listing of services. You may also look in the Yellow Pages under House cleaners and/or under Home support.

Hair dressing

A number of hairdressers provide haircuts and shaves in the home. If you live in the BC Capital Region, a listing of hairdressers who will come to your home is available through either the Family Caregivers’ Network, or the health authority (Community Health Programs).