Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Community bathing services

Community bathing programs are for people who cannot safely use the bathing facilities in their own home, even with the installation of devices such as grab bars and bath boards. In the BC Capital Region, the program offers:

  • attention to personal hygiene, including a tub bath, shampoo and blow-drying, care to fingernails and toenails;
  • minor treatments such as medicated shampoos and dressing changes;
  • individualized care by a skilled nursing assistant;
  • private environment;
  • assessment by a registered nurse and other health care providers as needed.

Relatives visiting from other cities or provinces may also access the service.  Individuals can self-refer to the program (that is, you can call the program yourself to set up the appointment); however, there is usually a waiting list of several months. As well, costs for a bath range from $5-15, although subsidies for the service may be available, based on the person’s financial eligibility (determined by assessment by a Long Term Care Case Manager; see Section 8 on Assessments, for more information).

Clients of the community bathing program are responsible for arranging for their own transportation.

In view of the waitlist, those in need may consider hiring a home support worker to assist in bathing at home.

In the BC Capital Region, the Seniors’ Services Directory provides a listing of and contact information for bathing programs. As well, your regional health authority (Community Health Program, Home and Community Care) may maintain and be able to provide you with a listing of these services.