Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Long term care assessments

As is also discussed in Section 9, a Long Term Care (LTC) Case Manager will come to the home and perform an LTC assessment for individuals who have been screened as high or medium priority (based on the Central Intake telephone screening; see Section 9 for more information about Central Intake’s screening process).

The LTC assessment is performed to determine eligibility for LTC programs (such as home care; adult day programs; respite services; and LTC case management), as well as to determine whether the person is eligible for subsidized service, in particular subsidized home support.  Thus, there is a section on the LTC assessment that will ask detailed questions about the person’s finances.

A person may refer him/herself for assessment, or a family member or health care provider may make the call on the care receiver’s behalf. However, all referrals must first go through Central Intake, where they will be screened for access to case management services.

In the Capital Region, to have a Long Term Care assessment done, call General Inquiries (250) 388-2273 or 1-888-533-2273.

Family caregivers are encouraged to be present and actively take part in the long-term assessment of the care recipient.

The LTC assessment is performed in the care receiver’s home, and is several pages long (thus taking a while to complete). In assessing the person’s care needs, information regarding the person’s ability to undertake day to day living activities will be sought. Information regarding the care receiver’s degree of social support (including family members, friends, and neighbours available to provide hands-on assistance) and the family caregivers’ own health and support needs will be obtained. Family caregivers are encouraged to be present during, and to actively participate in, the assessment. It is important to let the assessor know the degree to which you are willing and able to take on caregiving responsibilities, and your need for respite.

After the Long Term Care assessment has been completed, the LTC Case Manager will be back in touch with the care receiver regarding provision and access to LTC services and subsidies. The person’s level of risk and need determines how quickly this takes place and when LTC services can be set up.