Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
What is the role of the Long Term Care Case Manager?

Long Term Care (LTC) Case Managers work with those in need of care and their families to help meet individuals’ health care goals. Following a referral from Central Intake, a LTC Case Manager will arrange a home visit with the care receiver (and family caregiver) to:

  • discuss the person’s health care needs
  • jointly develop a care plan
  • provide information about available resources in the community
  • assess eligibility for subsidized services such as home support, adult day centers or facility care, and authorize payment for these resources if appropriate
  • jointly decide how to monitor the care plan
  • communicate with other service providers to make sure the care receiver and family obtain the help needed

In developing a care plan, the Case Manager will take into account: the care receiver’s health status; the available caregiver support; the home environment; and any other relevant factors.  

Since a financial assessment will be completed to determine the care recipient’s costs for Home Support (assuming that home support services are required), it is important to have the most recent income tax returns handy.  If the care recipient meets the eligibility requirements for subsidized home care, make sure you have discussed with the Case Manager:

  • the extent to which the services are covered
  • which services the care receiver will have to pay for privately
  • any conditions relating to the provision of services
  • who will provide the services

In this discussion, make sure it is clear who makes all the arrangements for the services. For example, in situations in which subsidized home support has been authorized, the Case Manager generally assumes responsibility for setting up the home support service; however, it is important that everyone is clear about the process.

It is also important to remember that the plan of care developed with the Case Manager dictates the nature, amount and duration of the service(s) that a person receives. If, as a family caregiver and/or care receiver, you have any concerns about this plan of care, contact the Case Manager (leave a message if s/he is not available). Similarly, if, after a period of time, the care receiver no longer needs the level of service offered, please contact the Case Manager promptly.