Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Choice of facilities

You and your family member are encouraged to express your preference regarding residential care facilities. Although the health authority makes every effort to accommodate your preference, you need to be aware that a bed in your chosen facility may not be available when facility placement is required. People are assigned to facilities depending on their care needs and the availability of appropriate beds.  

Residential care facilities – still called nursing homes by some – are for those who can no longer live safely at home. They provide access to 24-hour nursing care along with a ranger of medical management. 

If you and/or your family member are unhappy with the initial facility, you can request a transfer to another residential care facility after 60 days following the move into the initial facility. Transfers will then take place when a space in your chosen facility becomes available.

As well, it is possible to transfer to different residential care facilities elsewhere in BC, should the need for a change in region or community arise. Long Term Care Case Managers can explain the process of transferring from one health authority to another.