Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
When the care receiver cannot go back home

Some hospital patients are unable to return home and need the care and services that are offered in a long- term care facility. To arrange access to facility care from the hospital, the Hospital Liaison Nurse determines the care recipient’s health care needs in consultation with the hospital staff, the care recipient and the family. The Hospital Liaison Nurse helps identify the type of facility needed and makes note of the name and location of the facility that the person prefers. If there is no space available at the facility of choice at the time of need, the care receiver must go to a facility that has an immediate opening. A request to transfer to the facility of choice may be made once there (Please see Section 10 for a more detailed discussion of arranging for a transfer to another facility.)

It also is important to know that there are staff in the health authority who can further assist you to understand how access to long- term care facilities works. For further information on moving to a long-term care facility from the hospital, call:

  • Community Liaison Nurses: Victoria General Hospital 250-727-4284
  • Community Liaison Nurses: Royal Jubilee Hospital 250-370-8558