Resource Guide for Family Caregivers
Caregiving arrangements — other considerations

As a family caregiver you may have additional factors to consider, such as the type of understanding or arrangement you have with the person for whom you provide care. For example, say a family member spends several years caring for a parent, with the understanding that he or she will receive additional consideration and compensation through the estate. What if, at the time of the parent’s death, it turns out that this understanding was not stated clearly or adequately in the Will and other family members no longer share this belief ? What if other family members do not support or indeed actively disagree with the arrangements made privately between a caregiver and care recipient? While these possibilities may sound a bit far fetched, they are situations that have happened on more than one occasion. They illustrate the need for open discussion with family members, including the care recipient, followed up by a well- written Will and/or care agreement.

Speak to your lawyer if you are at all unsure of your position as a family caregiver and/or how to broach these subjects.