Resource Guide for Family Caregivers

The Resource Guide for Family Caregivers is one result of a three year Supporting Family Caregivers project that was developed by the Family Caregivers’ Network Society and originally funded by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.


We would like to thank all those who helped and guided us in the development of the original Resource Guide for Family Caregivers. Specifically we would like to thank the many family caregivers whom we interviewed early on in the project. They helped us gain greater understanding of the challenges they face and rewards they experience. It was from this research that the idea for the Resource Guide was first conceived.

We would also like to thank Peninsula Co-op and the Canadian Million Dollar Round Table Foundation for funding the printing of the revised edition of this guide. Thank you to Joyce Harper and Barbara Warman for providing us with feedback on content and their proofreading skills.

We also want to acknowledge members of the original Supporting Family Caregivers Advisory Committee who, over the life of the project, contributed many hours and considerable insight from their own practice or personal experience. Many of them had their own family caregiving experiences to draw upon for the Guide. For all their help, our thanks to: Marilyn Baines, Irene Barnes, Barbara Boer, Joan Douglas, Lee Drummond, Linda Grimm, Lorna Hillman, Carol Anne Kunicki, Laurie Pettinger, Michelle Randles, Maureen Savoy, Jeannie Stann, Andrea Swann, Barbara Wright, Margot Hughes, Mavis Swann.