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The Canada Cannabis Act has now been passed and will come into effect soon. It is anticipated that there will be a shortage of suppliers for the industry. Governments across the country are signing contracts with Cannabis suppliers totalling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. And still there is going to be a massive shortage. The anticipated market in Canada is in the billions of dollars.

Those that move fast will be in a position to reap the benefits of this new billion dollar industry.

Our goal is to raise $640000 CAD. We are in the process of setting up our licensed micro grow op. We are allowed to have 2100 sq ft of canopy and to produce up to $6 million per year worth of Cannabis. Buyers are ready and waiting for our product.

Over the past year we have aquired 10 of the top Cannabis plants in the world and have been producing seeds. We will have over a million dollars worth of seeds in stock come legalization date.

Our first harvest will come in November 2018.

This venture will cost a lot of money to set up which is where you can profit. We are offering you the opportunity to become a partner in our project by owning the rights to a portion of our farm. A $300 investment buys you the rights to 1 sq foot of our farm. Every 4 months we will pay out a dividend based on our profits over that period.

Based on projected revenues you will double your initial investment every 36 months.

If we were to double our capacity as we hope to do the numbers would multiply. We want you to make money for helping us.

Tell your friends and we will reward you with 3 percent of their investment.

As the project progresses you will be able to see complete company information including profits and expenses, assets, harvest estimates/history. Our goal is complete transparency.